Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why Three Day Weekends Are Awesome

Ok, so I haven't been on here in ages. Actually, I have... but I didn't like my page design so I changed it around a bit and am now motivated to post. The problem is that I always seem to do this type of thing at midnight when I'm tired, easily frustrated, and delusional about my writing abilities.

Enough of that...
"Please, do tell us why a three day weekends are so awesome" I can hear you all clamoring for my wise words. ;) Well. I will tell you. Three day weekends are awesome because it's like taking the pretty sweet two-day weekends that we all normally enjoy and adding (get this) an EXTRA DAY. Yes. Unbelievable. I know.

But this particular three day weekend (Memorial Weekend 2011) is extra special. First, my dearest dad is visiting from Oregon for three whole days. Second, we got to enjoy the Mariners beating the Yankees last night (and the garlic fries from Safeco are bomb). Third, I just purchased my first MacBook Pro. And fourth, we had sushi for dinner tonight. I could go on but like I said earlier, I always start this type of thing way to late at night and then need to go to bed half way through it.

Here's to Apple's sleek packaging, Father/Daughter bonding, and the amazing heroes who have and do sacrifice their lives for our country.