Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birthday Blog

Four and Twenty

As of today, that's the number of years I've been alive. And today I feel very alive indeed!

I'll be honest, I was expecting this birthday to be rather anti-climatic.
However, my whole day (plus birthday eve) has been so full of joy! Last night I spent my evening busy with church activites and fellowship and it just... well it changed my heart attitude. What a sweet life I have! My Heavenly Father has surrounded me with loving, gracious people. Christ has been imparting to me the last couple of days just how much He loves--tenderly loves--me and how blessed my life has been these past 24 years. 

So in a state of unabashed birthday excitement, I share with you a few random facts about the number twenty four:

I am 24 years young.

There are 24 hours in the day.

24 is the atomic number of chromium.

A shot clock is 24 seconds in the NBA and WNBA.

There are 24 letters in the aphabet! Ok ok. There are 26 (yes, I went to kindergarden) but if we got rid of the pesky X and Z there would be 24! I mean, no one really cares about these letters unless you are a scrabble-fiend or are named Xavier or Zephaniah. I actually met a Zephaniah once--he was in my engineering program in college and went by "Zeph". At the beginning of the year, he was explaining to a group of us that "Zeph" was short for "Zephaniah" ... a name from the bible. I promplty asked if he had an older brother named Habakkuk. Which I thought was very hilarious and witty of me. He didn't seem to think it was quiet that remarkable. Come to think of it, he didn't talk to me much after that... apparently books-of-the-bible-comedy is a hard sell.

X is the 24th letter in the alphabet. I guess it can stay :)

The Boston Celtics retired Hall of Famer Sam Jones' #24 jersey number in 1969.

Roman numeral: XXIV

Jeff Gordon's car is No. 24 in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

My sweet friend Emily's favorite number is 24.

Keifer Sutherland protected the world from terrorists one hour at a time in 24 (keeping us glued to the edge of our seats for several seasons).

"Sing a song of six-pence. A pocket full of rye. FOUR AND TWENTY blackbirds, baked into a pie."

24 is the largest integer that is evenly divisible by all natural numbers no larger than its square root.

The number of carats representing 100% pure gold* is 24.

I hope your day feels as special and sunshiney as mine does... even if you're not twenty four. My life is blessed and the last few years have provided many adventures. I expect this to be a golden* year in my journey and look forward to the prosperous, hope-filled plans God has for my future.


Friday, September 21, 2012


Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! 

My big plans for the weekend mostly involve cleaning/organizing my apartment. It's amazing how messy my home becomes when I start a new hobby or project.  My goals for the weekend:

1) Organize my closet (my beautiful walk-in that has been a disaster since day one). Lots of clothes to get rid of too (making room for the fall wardrobe and skinnier sizes--YAHOO)!

2) Move my bedroom furniture around and hang up the Ikea paper globe lamp (which I bought back in July) above my bed. 

3) LAUNDRY. Which means folding. Which means Netflix. I've been rewatching ABC's Once and really enjoying it.

4) Learn more chords on my NEW GUITAR I read that 15-30min of practice consistently throughout the week is better than a couple hours on the weekend ... so that's my aim. The tender fingers on my fret hand are nervous. Although I haven't signed up for any lessons yet, I'm going to use this guy's ( free lessons and see how I progress. Bonus: he has youtube videos to go along with the lesson where he explains the lessons in his cute english accent :) can't be bad. 

5) Go to a wedding for my coworker and his soon-to-be Mrs! SO FUN. I love weddings; this will probably be the highlight of my weekend. Esp. since I bought a great new dress to wear. Oh, how I enjoy going to a fun event (i.e. a wedding) in a new outfit. *sigh* I love being a girl. 

6) Another new hobby of mine is acquiring/squirreling away little treasures and slowly putting together care packages for ladies I love that I DO NOT get to see as much as I'd like. It's fun because as I gather little treats and knick-knacks it prompts me to think/pray/and love from afar people who mean much to me. Anyway, I must start some more!!!

7) Church service Sunday Morning at SBC/Name change team meeting: what exciting things will God bring to our church this coming season?! I know He is good and that our Pastor/elders are careful to follow Him so I trust the changes will be good too!!!

8) Get my speakers pumpin' Lecrae's Gravity CD full blast whilst I cook/dance around my kitchen. Ok, I've been doing this every evening since I bought the album. It's just that solid! This one is my current fave

9) "For this reason I kneel before the Father." ~ Ephesians 3:14 Lots of prayer requests have been put on my heart the last two weeks and I really need to purposefully GET ON MY KNEES BEFORE THE LORD.  

10) Have a good attitude about the work week come Monday... maybe that should be added to my prayer list! haha 

What are your weekend plans
? Hope ya'll have a good one!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things in a List

Oh good grief. Here I am again trying to jump back into my blog after ignoring it for MONTHS. But I won't waste anytime apologizing because that's totally boring to have a blog full of posts about the guilt of not blogging. Ok? Ok.

So what have I done lately?

Japan: I moved to Japan, for a 5 month period (my second trip over) for work and had a wonderful time. I've fallen in love with this country. The people, the food, the culture, the fashion, the trains, the food; did I mention the food? The goal was to blog the whole trip but I failed quite obviously on that front. At some point I will have to write more about Japan and share my pictures... but I'm set to go back again this next year so it may just wait until then.

New Apartment: When I got back from my time overseas, I moved into a lovely apartment complex (just 1 mile away from my old one... is that weird?) and was reminded how God completely knows what we need, when we need it before we even start worrying about it. My savior doesn't disappoint! Just a few days before flying back to the states I was still on the waiting list for an apartment and I was freaking out. I'm human, I'm flawed, and I'm still learning. I remember audibly casting these cares on God and feeling a huge sense of relief afterwards. Just hours later my apartment was confirmed and waiting for me. Isn't it nice to have a Heavenly Father that works ALL things out for the good!  Anyway, my apartment is amazing! I love it and all it's granite-countertop-loveliness (which inspire me to cook!!!) and big sunny windows! Thank you, Jesus.

Mom came to visit and help me decorate!

Trader Joe's: I heart this store. I would marry Trader Joe in a heartbeat if he asked me; of course we'd have to work through those guilt trips he lays on me when I forget to bring my re-usable grocery bags...  Alas, I am more than happy to stroll the aisles picking up reasonably priced organic produce and (not as reasonably priced) treats. Next time you are there, remember to purchase some sunflowers for your sweetie--they brighten up the most grey Seattle days--and last forever, the organic cucumbers, the sharp New Zealand cheddar, and best of all... THE PEANUT BUTTER FILLED CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS. Yes. They are that good. The first time I purchased said goodness, the cashier told me they were like crack (why do people use this phrase? Why don't they just say something is "addicting" or "positively delightful"... ok the positively delightful thing would be annoying if you were anyone but Hugh Grant... but still).

My Legs are Jello: In July (or was it June?... you'd think I'd remember since it was so painful) I ran 9 miles! That is the farthest I have ever run at once and it was GLORIOUS. And horrible. And long. But I got to do it with two of the coolest, sweetest women I know (one being my Elizabeth Project mentor*). After said run I had trouble working the clutch and brake pedals on my car driving home because my legs were so weak. Very dangerous. Also afterwards, I made myself blueberry pancakes as a reward for the new PR. Yay legs! You are so strong and I'm sorry I don't always treat you like the champs you are!

Australia Trip: I went to Queensland, Australia this summer with my Dad and brother, Daniel, and it was outrageously awesome. Family, scenery, food, adventure. AAaahh! I love Australia. This was my third trip to the land down under but my first as an adult. I'd been longing to go back for the last 20yrs and, in God's perfect timing, was able to go with two amazing guys. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I'll have to do another post exclusively devoted to Oz since it's too amazing to fit into one blurb. But lets just say I have an awesome family in an awesome country and I wish I could see them more often.
Koala at the Australia Zoo (my favorite animal!!!!)

Sugar Cane field in QLD being harvested

Diet Cleanse: While I'm only half way through it, the benefits have been tremendous. Clearer skin, more energy, weight loss, more skill cooking with natural spices, etc. God had really been blessing me with this diet because I'm learning some great things about myself and how my body reacts to certain foods. It's also forcing me to be more organized with meals which inturn creates a more organized day which makes me feel productive.

Daniel: WOW. What can I say about Daniel? My dear mentor, Kristina*, and I have been working our way through Beth Moore's Daniel bible study...and it is a STUDY! I got a new bible before I started; it is still relatively clean/orderly save for the book of Daniel which is worn, marked up, notated, bent, and LOVED. I'm obsessed with the testimony of Daniel's life in Babylon, I love the escatology and history and I love how God reveals Himself to us to through His Living Word! I did half of the study while in Yokosuak, Japan and it was perfect: being "alone" in a foreign country makes a great environment for relying on the truth of God's love.

CHURCH: God has this awesome plan for my life and I'm so excited to say He has provided me a place to connect, grow, and serve. My church family at Silverdale Baptist is truly a blessing in all sense of the word. Because of some laziness plus my multiple overseas trip during my time in WA, I have put off membership. But no more. Just last week I put in my application to become a member and commit to my church family more wholeheartedly than ever. We are about to go through some big changes in the church but I know that our elders and Pastors are reliant on the Word of the Lord so... as long as they follow His Truth... I will follow their leadership. Excited to see where it takes our church body! Praise you, Father, for YOU are good!

Dash: What can I say? I love my dog. He's a black and tan, miniature dachshund and my baby. He is my puppy-child and takes his job of cuddle-buddy very seriously. His name is Dash. He is also my terrible answer when people ask me if there is "somebody special in my life" and I don't want to get into a full blown conversation about how I'm trusting God to bring a godly-man  into my life, etc... instead, I just say "No, but I have a dog." Which probably sounds SUPER LAME but I think it's kinda humorous so I keep responding thus just to amuse myself. Thank you, Dashers!

Kayaking: Like most cool things in my life, my mom discovered it first :) It's true. My mom is just killer. A few summers ago, my mom discovered her love of kayaking and so through her I've found I love it too--especially kayaking the Columbia River in The Dalles. We just have the beginner type kayaks which are incredibly heavy to load and unload from the truck. My mum is a total inspiration and I can't think of a better time/place to bond than summers in the gorge.

Mom on the River

Whew! Glad that's over. Hopefully, you are now updated on a few of the fun and amazing things I've been up to lately... or just what's been on my mind.