Friday, September 21, 2012


Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! 

My big plans for the weekend mostly involve cleaning/organizing my apartment. It's amazing how messy my home becomes when I start a new hobby or project.  My goals for the weekend:

1) Organize my closet (my beautiful walk-in that has been a disaster since day one). Lots of clothes to get rid of too (making room for the fall wardrobe and skinnier sizes--YAHOO)!

2) Move my bedroom furniture around and hang up the Ikea paper globe lamp (which I bought back in July) above my bed. 

3) LAUNDRY. Which means folding. Which means Netflix. I've been rewatching ABC's Once and really enjoying it.

4) Learn more chords on my NEW GUITAR I read that 15-30min of practice consistently throughout the week is better than a couple hours on the weekend ... so that's my aim. The tender fingers on my fret hand are nervous. Although I haven't signed up for any lessons yet, I'm going to use this guy's ( free lessons and see how I progress. Bonus: he has youtube videos to go along with the lesson where he explains the lessons in his cute english accent :) can't be bad. 

5) Go to a wedding for my coworker and his soon-to-be Mrs! SO FUN. I love weddings; this will probably be the highlight of my weekend. Esp. since I bought a great new dress to wear. Oh, how I enjoy going to a fun event (i.e. a wedding) in a new outfit. *sigh* I love being a girl. 

6) Another new hobby of mine is acquiring/squirreling away little treasures and slowly putting together care packages for ladies I love that I DO NOT get to see as much as I'd like. It's fun because as I gather little treats and knick-knacks it prompts me to think/pray/and love from afar people who mean much to me. Anyway, I must start some more!!!

7) Church service Sunday Morning at SBC/Name change team meeting: what exciting things will God bring to our church this coming season?! I know He is good and that our Pastor/elders are careful to follow Him so I trust the changes will be good too!!!

8) Get my speakers pumpin' Lecrae's Gravity CD full blast whilst I cook/dance around my kitchen. Ok, I've been doing this every evening since I bought the album. It's just that solid! This one is my current fave

9) "For this reason I kneel before the Father." ~ Ephesians 3:14 Lots of prayer requests have been put on my heart the last two weeks and I really need to purposefully GET ON MY KNEES BEFORE THE LORD.  

10) Have a good attitude about the work week come Monday... maybe that should be added to my prayer list! haha 

What are your weekend plans
? Hope ya'll have a good one!



  1. Great blog post. Reading it on a Friday night. We are also watching Once.

  2. Ha our netflix queue taste must be genetic :) Love ya pops!